Take us With You

Whether you’re traveling to work, heading to class or out on a late summer vacation, we have the tea and teaware to accompany you on the journey. Our new line of Tea Bags makes taking your favorite flavor of tea with you a breeze; no set up, no clean up. If you’re a road warrior then our tried and true Travel Mug will get your tea to its destination piping hot. Some of our favorite travel-ready tea styles include herbal teas, black teas and oolong teas. These teas will stand up well to extended brewing times. For a simple way to brew a pick-me-up at the office, try our Simple Brew™ Loose Leaf Teapot. It's a cinch to use and a great way to enjoy the complete sensory experience of tea. When hitting the books, we turn to some of our favorite White Teas to create a reflective, focused mood. Known as "scholar's tea" in Chinese history, white teas were treasured by the literati for their pure flavor and meditative energy.