Project Nepal: Beautiful Teas with a Mission

The sweet flavor of the Himalayas sweeps the palate away. Its human story stirs the soul...
The Backstory:

Nepal is a country nestled in the Himalayan mountain range, affectionately known as the Top of the World. In this breathtaking country of fearfully high mountains, lush green hills and rolling plains, a movement is taking place for a better future. Currently, Nepal ranks as one of the poorest, least developed countries in South Asia; redevelopment in the wake of a decade of civil war has been painfully slow. One major hurdle is a lack of opportunity and education for women.

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The Initiative:

Rishi Tea and our friends at Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in Hile, Nepal are partnering to bring awareness to an organization for women’s advocacy: FWEAN (Federation of Women's Entrepreneur Associations of Nepal). As unemployed men leave the country by the millions for work overseas, dramatic changes ripple throughout traditional Nepali society. The women who are left behind often have little knowledge or skills to pull themselves out of the depths of poverty. You can help make a difference – through tea.

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The Difference:

For every kilo of Jun Chiyabari tea purchased by Rishi Tea, $2 will go directly to FWEAN. This organization works tirelessly to train, develop and promote women in grassroots business opportunities. FWEAN specializes in micro-finance loans, in the style of the Grameen Bank model of Bangladesh. This assists women who would otherwise have no access to invest in their future. An average first time business loan might be 8,000 to 20,000 Nepali rupees; this translates as $77 to $200 US dollars.

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From every kilo of tea we purchase from Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden, Rishi will donate $2 to FWEAN to support advocacy and training for women in Nepal.