Yunnan Honey Green

Yunnan Honey GreenGarden Direct Organic Green Tea


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USDA Organic


Cultivar: Jin Xuan
Harvest:Late March, 2018
Elevation: 1,850m

Yunnan Honey Green was first developed in a trial batch in 2017 by the artisans at the Wa Shan Ecological Tea Garden in the southwestern region of Cangyuan in China's Yunnan province. This particular region, along the border with Myanmar, has a lush microclimate. The local Wa ethnic people who farm these gardens promote biodiversity and ecological balance by preserving swathes of shade trees and original forestry throughout the gardens. The artisans who make this tea borrow a technique from the early stages of oolong tea processing called Yaoqing (tumbling) to subtly bruise the tea and coax out sweet floral aromas.


Wa Shan, Cangyuan county, Yunnan province, China

Tasting Notes

Reverberating sweetness that evokes wildflower honey.


Organic Green Tea


Leaf Amount
4 grams | 1 tbsp
Water Amount
8 ounces
Water Temperature
Steep Time
3 minutes

Traditional Preparation

Gaiwan Brewing from Rishi Tea on YouTube.

Add 1 tbsp (4g) to a small gaiwan or teapot. Porcelain or glass, like our Ming Cha Teapot, are best for this tea.
Use water cooled to 185°F water
Add water and infuse for 3 minutes
Repeat for another 3+ infusions. Increase the steeping time by 30 seconds with each additional infusion.