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Yunnan Dong Fang Hong

Yunnan Dong Fang Hong

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Harvest Date: March 20- April 4th, 2020
Elevation: 1600m-1820m
Cultivar: Jin Xuan

Dong Fang Hong, "Eastern Beauty Red," is a newer style of tea that combines oolong and red tea processing methods. To create the Dong Fang Hong, the tea leaves are tumbled in the yaoqing to bruise the leaves. This encourages specialized oxidation creating multi-faceted aromas and flavors of fruits and florals. The tea is reminiscent of a Second Flush Darjeeling muscatel with nuances of Eastern Beauty oolong from Taiwan, while at the same time showing off a presentation of flavors that is totally new.

Over the past three years we have witnessed the trend of Eastern Beauty oolong processing tactics pushed to the black tea levels of oxidation that mark a new trend amongst South-Eastern Asia, Taiwanese and Yunnan producers. We chose a few this year to share with our discerning and tea-curious drinkers.


Wa Shan, Cangyuan county, Yunnan province, China

Tasting Notes

Violet, ripe lychee, Natal plum flowers, nectarine, complex tannin and elegance


Organic Black Tea

Traditional Preparation

Add 6g tea leaves to a Gaiwan or Gongfu Teapot (per 150ml).
Use 200°F water
Infuse for 45 seconds and decant.
2nd infusion: 15 seconds
3rd infusion: 30 seconds
4+: add 15 seconds per infusion


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