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Valerian Dream Pyramid Sachets 35 Count Pyramid Sachets

Valerian Dream

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Sachets

35-ct Bag

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Valerian Dream's wonderfully funky yet floral fragrance uses complementary nervine tonic herbs like cardamom and fennel that are known to aid in relaxation. Reset after a long day with this blend of botanicals designed to soothe the mind and body. Valerian is sweet with a perfumed, musky aroma and has been used for centuries in Europe as a bedtime tea. Dream away.

These biodegradable, extra-large pyramid sachets hold 6.5g of Valerian Dream and come in a 35-count bulk bag without individual wrappers.


Rishi Herb Lab

Tasting Notes

Nervine tonic herbs like cardamom and fennel combine with the bittersweet and floral valerian root to help you gently dream away.


Organic valerian root, organic cardamom, organic fennel seed, organic licorice root, organic strawberries, organic spearmint, natural rose extract, organic rose petals, essential orange oil


Leaf Amount
1 Sachet
Water Amount
12-16oz | 350-475mL
Water Temperature
200°F | 93°C
Steep Time
5 minutes


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