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Tsuji-san's Matcha Gokou Tsuji-san's Matcha Gokou

Tsuji-san's Matcha Gokou

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Cultivar: Gokou
Elevation: 250m
Harvest: May 2018

Rishi is lucky enough to be one of the few to whom Tsuji-san sells his matcha, which has been analyzed to have the highest amino acids scores and L-theanine content of any matcha in Japan and the world. Each cultivar gives us specific tasting notes. In Tsuji-san's Matcha Gokou, we experience an invigorating flavor with a pure emerald hue and hints of spruce. Tea bushes for premium matcha are harvested once per year. The farming technique is unique as it utilizes shading, and this focuses the plant's energy on the top, tender leaves. The intense shading forces the bushes to make their leaves fatter and greener, with increased chlorophyll to seek out the sun. In turn, this farming practice greatly enhances the nootropic and neuro-stimulating substances.


Uji-Shirakawa, Kyoto, Japan

Makers Spotlight: Tsuji-san's Matcha

Tasting Notes

Invigorating flavor with a pure emerald hue and hints of spruce.


Japanese green tea.

Traditional Preparation

Sift 1 tsp (2g) into a chawan.
Add 2.5 oz (75ml) water at 170°F
Use a chasen to whip into a smooth, rich foam.

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