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Tohei-san's Gyokuro shincha asamushi infusion

Tohei-san's Gyokuro

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Cultivar: Saemidori, Gokou, Okumidori and Yabukita
Elevation: 110m
Harvest Date: May 8-13 2019 & 15-20 2019

Gyokuro ("jade dew") is the most prestigious and rare shade-grown green tea from Japan. This year we selected gyokuro from two producers in the Okabe region: Tohei-san and Maejima-san. Each teamaker offers an expression of the classic Okabe style, which emphasizes a unique mountain freshness balanced with umami depth. Tohei-san cultivates gyokuro according to the traditional tana method of shading tea bushes with woven straw-thatch mats called komo, which he weaves himself. It is more time-consuming than modern methods, but worth the extra effort. This year, Tohei-san's Gyokuro has a slight peak of brisk mountain freshness and long-lasting umami, with a slight tang of preserved kombu and rich umami with oceanic notes of sea kelp and blue-green algae.


Okabe, Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

Tasting Notes

Sweet and savory with a slight tang of preserved Kombu, rich umami with oceanic notes of sea kelp and blue-green algae


Green Tea


Leaf Amount
7 grams | 1 tbsp
Water Amount
5 ounces
Water Temperature
Steep Time
20 seconds

Traditional Preparation

Add 1 tbsp (7g) tea to a small (150ml/5oz) Kyusu teapot.
Use water cooled to 165°F.
Add water to just cover the tea leaves.
Infuse for 20 seconds and decant.
Repeat for another 4+ infusions, adding 5 seconds to each subsequent infusion.

Kyusu Brewing


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