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Spicy Masalatte

Spicy Masalatte

From the Rishi Kitchen

2 oz brewed Rishi Spicy Masala Chai black tea blend
1 oz chaider syrup
6 oz spicy masala chai milk
Add warm brewed tea and syrup to a 12-ounce cup; stir to combine. Top with steamed spicy masala chai milk.

Add brewed tea to a 16-ounce cup 50% filled with ice.
Combine milk and syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to chill & foam.
Strain over iced tea.

Spicy Masala Chai Brew

1 Tbsp (4g) / 8 oz (250ml) filtered water @ 200°F / decant fully

Spicy Masala Chai Milk

3 Tbsp Rishi Spicy Masala Chai black tea blend
3 oz filtered water at 200°F
20 oz whole milk
Combine tea and hot water in a 32-ounce jar and infuse for 1 minute.
Add milk and secure tightly; shake to combine. Refrigerate 8 to 12 hours. Strain fully.
Use for hot or cold drinks.

Chaider Syrup

2 Tbsp Rishi Spicy Masala Chai black tea blend
8 oz apple cider
8 oz sugar
Combine tea and cider in a small saucepan over medium heat.
Just before liquid simmers, turn off heat and cover; infuse for 5 minutes. Add sugar; stir until fully dissolved. Decant fully.

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