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Sparkle Spice Matcha

Sparkle Spice Matcha

From the Rishi Kitchen

1.5 oz mulling spice syrup
5 oz seltzer
1 tsp Rishi Barista Matcha, sifted
2 oz filtered water at 180°F
Add syrup to a 16-ounce glass.
Fill with ice.
Add seltzer.
Whisk matcha with hot water until frothy. Pour slowly over ice.

Mulling Spice Syrup

2 Tbsp Rishi Mulling Spice herbal blend
(seasonal product)
8 oz filtered water at 200°F
8 oz sugar
Infuse herbal blend in hot water for 7 minutes. Decant fully over a 16-ounce container portioned with sugar. Stir continuously until all sugar is dissolved.

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