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Shiso Lemon

Shiso Lemon

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Blend


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Shiso Lemon is a complex flavor experience for the palate but only has two ingredients in the blend--green shiso and California lemon. Shiso, also known as Japanese mint or perilla, is a primary flavor in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine. It is an herb related to the mint family with sub-cultivars that are green or red and purple.

Scientists have recently studied the water infusion of shiso in alternative medicine to restore health and bring balance to the body with its high antioxidant values and aromatic compounds. Other notable uses include cold and flu prevention, skincare, respiratory support and digestive aid. Shiso extracts can be found in high-end skincare products, especially in facial toners and anti-aging serums.

The combination of California lemon and shiso create a bright, citrusy, yet tea-like tonic. The synergistic combination of these two ingredients offers flavors of green plum wine, wild oregano, tarragon and citron with a slight minty aroma. Great for both hot and cold brew.

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Tasting Notes

Green plum wine, wild oregano, tarragon, citron and lemon


organic lemon, organic green shiso


Leaf Amount
2 tsp | 3.6g
Water Amount
8-10oz | 350mL
Water Temperature
200°F | 93°C
Steep Time
5 minutes


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