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Sencha Porcelain Teacup

Sencha Porcelain Teacup

  • Sencha Teacup
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A simple yet elegant porcelain cup, perfectly suited for Japanese green teas like sencha. Its brilliant white color highlights the vibrant green hue of Japanese green teas. Slightly smaller in volume than our fluted Sencha Teacup, a set of three of these cups pairs well with a Japanese teapot such as the Tsuki or a kyusu. Serve 2-3 guests with a traditional kyusu service of Japanese tea by alternating between the cups when pouring, adding just a small amount of the infusion until all of the cups are full. Alternating in this way will ensure the infusion strength is even from one cup to the next.

Height: 6.8cm
Diameter: 7cm
Volume: 150ml
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