Sejak Sejak

SejakGarden Direct Green Tea - 100g


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Origin: Jiri Mountain, Hadong, South Korea
Harvest Date: Woojun First Flush: Late April, 2017
Cultivar: Localized heirloom hybrids from original wild tea seeds brought to Cha Shi Bae Ji area in 828 AD
Elevation: 100 - 250m

A 2017 Garden Direct Series exclusive! This impressive collection features seasonal micro-lots of single-origin teas we source and import directly from artisan tea farmers. Available for a limited time, these handcrafted teas were selected through real time micro-lot tea cuppings during our 2017 origin travels.

Sejak is a traditional Korean green tea that is picked during the spring season. It is the second tea picked in the Korean tea calendar, after Woojun which is harvested in late March and early April. Whereas Woojun has a light body and delicate flowery aroma, Sejak has a little more energy and structure with a balance of toasted chestnut and subtly fruity aroma.


Jiri Mountain, South Korea

Tasting Notes

Brimming with spring energy and structure, with a balance of toasted chestnut and subtly fruity aroma.


Green tea.

Traditional Brewing

Water Temperature:180°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces
Steep Time: 2 - 3 minutes
For subsequent infusions: 2 - 3 minutes (2nd) | 3 - 4 minutes (3rd)