Schisandra Aloe Blossom

Schisandra Aloe Blossom
A Refreshing Beverage from The Rishi Kitchen


1 ounce double-brewed Omija Beauty Berry herbal tea
1 ounce Rishi Schisandra Berry Sparkling Botanical
2 ounces pure aloe vera juice
4 ounces tonic water (Fever Tree brand)
0.5 ounce blue ink


    Add first four ingredients, in order, to a 12-ounce serving glass filled with 50% ice. Top with blue ink.

  1. Prepare double-brewed Omija Beauty Berry. Start with 15 g Omija Beauty Berry herbal tea. Infuse herbal tea in 17 ounces filtered water (@200F) for 12 hours then strain/decant fully into a new vessel and refrigerate. Reserve leftover bloomed botanicals in same brewing vessel and gently muddle. Cover with additional 17 ounces filtered water (@200F) for 12 hours; strain/decant fully. Combine both infusions to yield approx. 32 ounces.
  2. Prepare Blue Ink. Start with 7g Rishi Blue Butterfly Pea Powder , 6 oz hot water, and 6 oz cold water. Blend or whisk powder and hot water until combined. Add cold water and continue whisking (10 seconds) until fully combined.