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Sakimidori Matcha

Sakimidori Matcha

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30g Bag

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Japan is one of the many countries renowned for its tea agriculture and analysis of both existing and new cultivars. The exploration of the Sakimidori cultivar began in 1979, with multiple plantings and screenings for adaptability. The outcome of this study illustrates a bright, green tea plant, with higher amounts of amino acids and lower catechin than some of its counterparts. Sakimidori Matcha possesses an uplifting, stimulating profile with spicy hint of serrano pepper and a subtle base note of cream. Look for a floral, aromatic top note reminiscent of Bao Zhong oolong tea.



Origin: Japan
Harvest: May 6, 2019
Elevation: 350 meters

Tasting Notes

Serrano pepper, with a gentle umami and a subtle base note of cream.


Organic Japanese green tea


Leaf Amount
2 grams | 1 tsp sifted
Water Amount
2.5 ounces | 75ml
Water Temperature
170°F | 75°C
Steep Time
Whisk until foamy

Traditional Preparation


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