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Ruby #18 GABA

Ruby #18 GABA

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Cultivar: Hong Yu "Ruby" #18
Elevation: 500-850 meters
Harvest: May 2018

The Hong Cha grown in the Mingjian Village are supremely special black teas. Grown from cultivars catalogued in the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station registry by the Taiwanese government, these teas are truly notable and famous for their distinct characteristics. Rishi is presenting a special edition of a well-known cultivar: Hong Yu #18. Also referred to as Ruby #18, it was originally developed by cross-breeding a wild Taiwan variety with a Burmese strain of Camellia irrawadiensis. The Hong Yu #18 was processed in a unique method referred to as GABA. The process involves vacuum oxidation and alters the mouth feel and tasting notes expected from this cultivar. In this tea we are tasting lychee, cypress, and long pepper, with later infusions revealing wintergreen.


Nantou, Taiwan

Tasting Notes

Lychee, cypress, and long pepper, with later infusions revealing wintergreen.


Black tea.

Traditional Preparation

Fill a Gaiwan or Porcelain Teapot with 5-7g tealeaves.
Use 200°F water
Add water to fill teapot. Infuse for 45 seconds.
2nd infusion: 30 seconds
3rd: 30 seconds
4+ add 15 seconds per infusion.

Gaiwan Brewing from Rishi Tea on YouTube.


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