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Purion Tea Jar

Purion Tea Jar

Purion Semi-Porous Clay


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Founded in 1983, Lin's Ceramics Studio is a renowned pottery producer based in Taiwan. They are celebrated in the tea community for making wares from natural materials that are aesthetically pleasing while honoring traditional style and function. Purion is composed of clay and minerals, is semi porous and has a rustic, tactile feel. The material will absorb the essence of your tea over time. The Purion Tea Jar is a gorgeous storage vessel for your prized Pu'er teas.

Purion semi-porous clay unglazed

32 ounces (950ml)

Care Instructions:
Tea Jars can be seasoned. Begin by identifying the type of tea that you intend to store in the jar. Purion is an excellent choice for storing Pu'er tea, either loose or cakes broken into smaller pieces. To season the Tea Jar, add a small amount of loose everyday Pu'er tea to the jar (around 20-50 grams). Put the lid on, and turn the jar gently so that the Pu'er tea touches every surface of the jar. Empty this tea from the jar. It is now ready to be filled with your choice of Pu'er tea. 


Lin's Ceramics Studio, Taiwan

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