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Pumpkin Saffron Chai

Pumpkin Saffron Chai

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Blend


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Not your average Pumpkin Spice, this adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory blend incorporates real cut pumpkin with rare ingredients to create a festive botanical chai. Brew straight up like tea for a vibrant golden infusion and rich, sumptuous flavor profile. Or simmer in the traditional way in two stages: first with water and then with added milk, strained and sweetened to taste for a chai latte style.

With just the right touch of sweet cinnamon, cacao and creamy, decadent sarsaparilla root this blend satisfies the PSL crave but reaches new heights with rarefied saffron and reishi mushroom. This blend even steeps well in alcohol for seasonal mixology. Pumpkin teas have long been prepared in South Korea to provide nutritive support for new mothers, and they are prized for helping to reduce swelling and water retention. This blend tastes every bit as good as it feels.

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Pumpkin, organic cinnamon, organic cocoa nibs, organic roasted dandelion root, organic turmeric root, organic sarsaparilla root, organic lemon, organic cardamom, organic reishi mushrooms, saffron


Leaf Amount
2 Tbsp | 10g
Water Amount
12oz | 350mL
Water Temperature
200°F | 93°C
Steep Time
6 minutes


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