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Pebble CupPurion Clay Tea Cup


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The Pebble Cup is made by the artisans at Lin's Ceramics Studio in Taiwan. The Pebble Cup is made from a special type of unglazed clay called Purion, which is semi-porous and will absorb the essence of tea over time, much like Yixing clay. Unglazed and semi-porous clay tea cups and teapots are prized in Chinese tea culture for their ability to gracefully age and develop a patina over time. After several years of use, the patina will add depth and dimension to the tea brewed inside. We highly recommend selecting a single style of tea to enjoy in your Pebble Cup, and seasoning the cup with that style of tea. We recommend pure teas only. Darker oolong teas like Iron Goddess of Mercy or Ruby Oolong are excellent choices. Pu-erh is another great style of tea to brew in Purion clay.

Pairs well with:
Grace Purion Clay Teapot
Pure teas only (no blends)
Dark oxidized oolong tea
Pu-erh tea

About the Artist:
Lin's is a famous teaware and pottery producer in Taiwan. They are celebrated in the tea community for making teawares from natural materials that are aesthetically pleasing while honoring traditional style and function.

3.38 ounces Dimensions:
2.71 x 2.71 x 1.92 inches