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Oolong Tasting Set

  • Oolong Tasting Set
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Enhance your oolong experience with this petite white porcelain aroma and tasting cup set complete with sleek bamboo tray.

Oolong, known as the connoisseurs' tea, is complex in nature and offers varying aromas and tasting notes with every infusion. In both traditional and professional oolong cupping practices, the aroma is just as important as the taste of the tea liquor. A high quality oolong's fragrance will linger.

Pour your oolong of choice into the aroma cup and cover with the tasting cup. Turn the aroma cup upside down and capture the tea liquor in the tasting cup and take in the nuance of fragrances of each infusion. May be enjoyed with any oolong. We suggest trying our Iron Goddess of Mercy and Bao Zhong varieties.

Oolong tea artisans, like boutique winemakers, bring forth the appellation characters of their teas through traditional crafting techniques. Each oolong tea's distinctive style reflects its place of origin, vintage and tea bush cultivar.

Aroma Cup:
1.5" Diameter
2.5" High

Tasting Cup:
2.5" Diameter
1.5" High

Bamboo Tray:
4.5" Long
2.5" Wide

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