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Omura-san's Gyokuro shincha infus

Omura-san's Gyokuro

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Cultivar: Yabukita
Elevation: 250m
Harvest Date: May 2019

This year we selected gyokuro from three producers in the Okabe region: Endo-san, Tohei-san and Omura-san. Each teamaker offers an expression of the classic Okabe style, which emphasizes a unique mountain freshness balanced with umami depth. Omura-san, who has been making gyokuro for nearly 70 years, represents the highest level of teamaking experience and skill in all of Japan. He employs the classic style of straw-thatch-and-frame tana coverings to shade his gyokuro, and his tea has a rarefied depth and energy. This year, Omura-san's Gyokuro has a dense, dewy flavor, with hints of tangy, salty kombu and dried apricot.

Omura-san is one of the top tea farmer artisans with the highest level of experience and skill in all of Japan. He is from Okabe town in Fujieda City where he has has been making Gyokuro for 68 years. Mr. Omura is nearly 90 years old and still makes tea for us. He is using the classic style of straw thatch and frame "Komo" coverings to shade his Gyokuro tea farm as opposed to the modern and more common "Kanreisha" black cloth sheets. Omura-san's is a treasure of Japanese tea traditions and his tea has a depth a energy unlike any other Gyokuro.


Okabe, Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

Tasting Notes

Dense dewy flavor, salty kombu, dried apricot


Green tea


Leaf Amount
7 grams | 1 tbsp
Water Amount
5 ounces
Water Temperature
Steep Time
20 seconds

Traditional Preparation

Add 1 tbsp (7g) tea to a small (150ml/5oz) Kyusu teapot.
Use water cooled to 165°F.
Add water to just cover the tea leaves.
Infuse for 20 seconds and decant.
Repeat for another 4+ infusions, adding 5 seconds to each subsequent infusion.

Kyusu Brewing from Rishi Tea on YouTube.


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