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Okabe Deep Kabuse Okumidori

Okabe Deep Kabuse

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Cultivar: Yabukita, Meiryoku
Elevation: 250m
Harvest: May 13, 2020

The Okabe region of Shizuoka, Japan is famous for its amazing Gyokuro and high-end, wrap-shaded sencha variants known as Kabusecha. The distinguishing characteristics of Kabusecha are rich and smooth taste with low-tannin and a deep, blue-green jade leaf and opaque infusion color. Kabusecha has an unmistakable, sought-after and hard to define savory, sweet and stimulating aromatic profile called kabuse kaori. The natural farming practiced in Okabe focuses on composting and traditional enrichment of the soil to boost amino acid and special flavor. The bushes for this Okabe cultivar blend were shaded for more than 2 weeks prior to harvest in order to elevate chlorophyll levels and amino acid contents much like Gyokuro or Tencha. The result is a tea of sublime balance with deep umami and rich layers of flavor and residual sweetness. Tasting notes of tangy-sweet Hijiiki, Kombu-dashi, wheatgrass juice and marinated Kampyo tree gourd preserves are a rare treat.


Okabe, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Tasting Notes

Tangy-sweet Hijiiki, Kombu-dashi, wheatgrass juice and marinated Kampyo tree gourd preserves


Japanese green tea.

Traditional Preparation

Add 6g of tea to a small (150ml/5oz) Kyusu teapot.
Use water cooled to 165°F.
Infuse for 45 seconds and decant.
Repeat for another 1-2 infusions.

(Duration of infusion time can be extended based on preference)-we can also prepare this tea similarly to gyokuro using 1 part tea to 1.2 parts water ratios.

Cold Brew

12 grams per liter of cold water in the refrigerator 10 hours or overnight, using cold water to start.

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