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Lotus Teapot

Lotus Teapot

Ju Ware Glazed Celadon


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Founded in 1983, Lin's Ceramics Studio is a renowned pottery producer based in Taiwan. They are celebrated in the tea community for making wares from natural materials that are aesthetically pleasing while honoring traditional style and function. Ju Ware is a renowned form of celadon pottery made famous during the Song Dynasty. It's distinctive and elegant blue-green glaze has relatively high heat conductivity, meaning that the teapot will rather quickly relay thermal energy from the water inside. This makes celadon a natural choice for teas that require a lower brewing temperature, such as green and white teas. The Lotus Teapot is a gorgeous addition to your gongfu cha teaware collection.

Ju Ware glazed celadon

8.5 ounces (250ml)

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only using hot water. Keep lid off until thoroughly dry. A patina of tea tannins may accumulate over time. Scrub gently by hand with mild unscented dish soap or baking soda to clean the patina. Do not microwave.


Lin's Ceramics Studio, Taiwan

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