Kurokoji Slimmer

Kurokoji Slimmer

Organic Cold Brew Sachets

15-ct Bag

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Kurokoji is a rare Japanese green tea that is fermented using koji, a special culinary fermentation mold that transforms the tannins of Japanese green tea into fantastic aromas evoking plum, raisin, and Port wine. The fermentation also darkens the tea leaves to a rich chocolate brown color. Rest assured this is intentional for flavor development, and also supports digestive health. Made in very limited quantities, Kurokoji is more expensive than the average Cold Brew, but its unique flavor and feeling is so worth it.



Tasting Notes

Fantastic aromas evoking plum, raisin, and Port wine.


Organic kurokoji fermented Japanese green tea.

Traditional Preparation

Add 1 sachet to a 1000 ml Simple Brew teapot.
Add 150 ml boiling water. Steep 2 minutes.
Fill with 850 ml cold water. Steep 4 hours in fridge.