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Himalayan Black - 2019

Himalayan Black - 2019


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USDA Organic


Origin: Hile, Nepal
Cultivar: Phoobsering 312, Takdah 78, Takdah 668, and Bannockburn 157
Harvest: August 2019
Elevation: 1800 m

On a rainy summer morning in 2019, the artisans at Jun Chiyabari were harvesting lots of zesty summer teas. Processed with techniques inspired by the tea master producers of East Asia, the vibrant teas of summer are the perfect selection to apply this method of processing. Following the steps of a traditional black tea, the Himalayan Black undergoes withering, a lengthy rolling, followed by oxidation and drying. The careful intensive rolling coaxes out the deep, sumptuous flavor. The resulting notes we taste are cocoa nib and tree sap.

Tasting Notes

Cocoa nib and tree sap


Organic black tea

Traditional Preparation

Add 4g tea per 350-400ml (11-12oz) to a glass teapot, like our Ming Cha Teapot or Simple Brew.
Use water cooled to 200°F
Add water and infuse for 3 minutes.
Repeat for another 2+ infusions. Increase the steeping time by 30 seconds with each additional infusion.

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