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Himalayan Black J58

Himalayan Black J58

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USDA Organic


ORIGIN: Ramché, Bokré & Nigalé Divisions, Jun Chiyabari, Hile, Nepal
CULTIVAR: Phoobsering 312, Takdah 78, Takdah 668, and Bannockburn 157
HARVEST DATE: May 18, 2020

Himalayan Black is typically harvested and crafted in the summer. This lot is a special spring offering with chocolatey nuance and is processed with techniques inspired by the tea master producers of East Asia. Following the steps of a traditional black tea, the Himalayan Black undergoes withering, a lengthy rolling, followed by oxidation and drying. The careful intensive rolling coaxes out a unique collection of earthy aromas. The resulting note is semi-dark chocolate bar with a hint of tobacco. Compare against our full range of Nepal and Darjeeling teas for a captivating and delicious flight through the Himalayas.

Tasting Notes

Semi-dark chocolate bar with a hint of tobacco


Organic black tea

Traditional Preparation

Add 5-8g tea per 350-400ml (11-12oz) to a glass teapot, like our Ming Cha Teapot or Simple Brew.
Use water cooled to 200°F
Add water and infuse for 3 minutes.
Repeat for another 2+ infusions. Increase the steeping time by 30 seconds with each additional infusion.

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