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 Green Needles Single Cultivar E-Cha #1

Green Needles Single Cultivar E-Cha #1


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USDA Organic


Cultivar:E-Cha #1
Elevation: 750 - 800m
Harvest Date: March 8-14 2020

E Cha #1 is a unique cultivar planted in the Xuan En and Chao Tang Villages. Due to its high polyphenol content, it is favored for special grades black teas that are rarely exported from China. In the early spring, we request the first tippy bud breaks of E-Cha #1 to make a floral, piney and evergreen expression of Green Needles Lu Zhen manufacture. If the buds are plucked too late, the tea becomes too astringent and bitter which is better for black tea production, so this first pluck of E-Cha#1 is very special and rare.

Green Needles is a traditional needle-shaped green tea from Hubei province. After withering, the tea leaves are fired in a tumble-roaster, then shaped using special heated table machines that shake the tea leaves back-and-forth repeatedly to coax the leaves into straight needles. The tea leaves are finally dried in an oven. Infuse with care not to over-steep in order to savor the rich complexity of this early spring tea.


Jin Long Ping Village, China

Tasting Notes

Complex flowery aromatics, pleasant grassiness 


Organic green tea.

Traditional Preparation

Add 4g tea per 350-400ml (11-12oz) to a glass teapot, like our Ming Cha Teapot or Simple Brew.
Use water cooled to 180°F
Add water and infuse for 3 minutes.
Repeat for another 3+ infusions. Increase the steeping time by 30 seconds with each additional infusion.

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