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Gongfu Sharing Pitcher Purion

Gongfu Sharing Pitcher

Purion Semi-Porous Clay


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Founded in 1983, Lin's Ceramics Studio is a renowned pottery producer based in Taiwan. They are celebrated in the tea community for making wares from natural materials that are aesthetically pleasing while honoring traditional style and function. Purion is composed of clay and minerals, is semi porous and has a rustic, tactile feel. The material will absorb the essence of your tea over time. The Gongfu Sharing Pitcher is ideal for pouring Pu'er and oolong teas.

Purion semi-porous clay unglazed

8 ounces (240ml)

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only using hot water and gentle scrubbing without soap (the Purion clay is semi-porous and is designed to become saturated with the essence of tea). Do not microwave.


Lin's Ceramics Studio, Taiwan

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