Fuding Silver Needles
Garden Direct Organic White Tea

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Origin: Fuding town, Fujian province, China
Harvest Date: Mingqian harvest, March 20 - April 5, 2017
Cultivar: Fuding Da Hao
Elevation: 500 - 700m

A 2017 Garden Direct Series exclusive! This impressive collection features seasonal micro-lots of single-origin teas we source and import directly from artisan tea farmers. Available for a limited time, these handcrafted teas were selected through real time micro-lot tea cuppings during our 2017 origin travels.

This is the highest class of Silver Needles from the coastal town of Fuding, one of the earliest producing areas for white tea. Picked during the Mingqian period in early spring, this tea is made from the first tea buds that sprout in the new harvest season. The Mingqian buds are thickly coated in a sweet white downy coat of trichomes, and are highly concentrated in amino acids and other nutrients that were stored in the roots during winter. The result is a sublime and elegant balance of oceanic umami and floral sweetness with the patience to infuse at least six or seven times. 

Tasting Notes: Elegant and smooth with a honey-like richness and sweet, subtle fruity aromas

Ingredients: Organic White Tea

Fuding town, Fujian province, China
Add 1 tbsp (3g) tea per 8 ounces water
Use 185°F water
Infuse for 2-3 minutes

For subsequent infusions:
2nd: 2-3 minutes | 3+: 3-4 minutes
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