Everyday Matcha

Everyday Matcha
Organic Japanese Green Tea Powder

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Step out of the ordinary with Everyday Matcha, our organic second harvest matcha with assertive strength and culinary versatility. Mix with milk for a latte that can be sweetened to taste or boost smoothies, juice and hot chocolate with natural energizing effects you don't experience every day. Or, treat yourself to our decadently delicious Matcha Oreo Filling Recipe or uplifting and refreshing Matcha Mojito Recipe.

The traditional cultivation of tencha requires shading the tea garden for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest. This elevates chlorophyll and enhances L-theanine and other stimulating amino acids responsible for matcha's unique bounty of energy.
Tencha is made from tea strains specifically cultivated to be:
-low in tannin
-high in caffeine
-rich in flavor and umami

Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea

Brewing Instructions
Matcha Oreos
If available, Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies are ideal for this recipe.
Matcha Creem Cheese Filling:
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 ounces butter, softened
2 cups confectioner's sugar
2 teaspoons Rishi Everyday Matcha
In a medium mixing bowl, beat together butter and cream cheese with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Reduce speed of mixer and sift in the confectioner's sugar and matcha while periodically scraping down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. When fully incorporated, increase the speed and continue beating for 1 minute, until smooth and smooth. Cover filling with plastic or transfer to a pastry bag fitted with a plain tip.
To assemble:
Spread or pipe filling on the flat side of a chocolate cookie in an even layer about 2" across and 3/4" thick. Top with another cookie, flat side down, and gently press on the center of the cookie to squeeze the filling to the edges. Store in airtight container at room temperature for 2 days or in freezer for 1 week.

Matcha Mojito
Place 3 lime slices, 8 torn mint leaves, 1 teaspoon Everyday Matcha and 3/4-ounce simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Muddle to release and combine flavors. Fill shaker half way with ice and add 1.5 ounces white rum.
Cover, and shake until cold. Transfer to a glass and top with 6 ounces sparkling water. Garnish with fresh mint & lime.
(Adjust sweetness with +/- simple syrup)
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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Very pleased
By rosalyn Wilson on May 15, 2017
woodland, CA United States
I like to add into smoothies. I'm very pleased with this product.

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Ehh
By Grace on August 12, 2016
Tualatin, OR United States
This is one of the very few Rishi products I haven't really liked. Maybe it's down to the fact that I've more often had ceremonial grade matcha in the past, but U found this didn't have that much flavour, had that very slightly chalky texture that some matchas have, and also seemed to have less caffeine than others. It'd be good for smoothies or cooking if you're looking for something less assertive, but I found that the product didn't really go with soy milk as a latte-style drink and it couldn't be had alone, for sure. This could probably all be expected from the price, but since Rishi virtually always has good quality for the price you pay, I thought it might be less of an issue than with other affordable matcha products. That wasn't really the case. Their teahouse matcha is a stronger, better product, but you do pay for that difference. Basically, the quality grades given by Rishi are accurate, so save something like this for combining with other flavours in cooking, I think.

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