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Cinnamon Basil Burdock

Cinnamon Basil Burdock

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Blend


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Cinnamon Basil Burdock is a blend of rare botanicals that offers a unique balance and spicy punch with unroasted burdock, black lemon, California lemon, cinnamon, Maqui berry, Thai basil, and red shiso. The Thai basil is a specialized cultivar named Siam Queen and is highly aromatic, with notes of cinnamon bark and star anise. This type of basil is a sub-cultivar of holy basil is used as an anti-inflammatory, adaptogen and warming digestive that balances the coolness of burdock.

Unroasted burdock root, known as Niu Bang Zi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is promoted by herbalists for its blood cleansing and liver detoxifying properties and offers a grounding taste to these ingredients. When we think of detoxifying properties, we assume it may also mean dehydration. However, through the precise blending of ingredients, we can combat this action.

We also added red shiso leaf for a boost of warmth, enticing infusion color, flavorful aromatics, and antioxidants. Additionally, maqui berry from the Patagonia is another liver detoxifier and antioxidant powerhouse that balances the bitterness and cooling energy of unroasted Burdock while bolstering the blend with function and flavor.

Black lemons are lightly fermented and slowly dried until they take on the appearance of blackish-brown leather and become totally dried and preserved. Black lemons have a sweet and tangy flavor with some caramelized taste. They are also known as Omani lemons-limes or Persian limes which support colon cleansing and gut health. Bedouin tribes use dried lime because they have limited occasion to access fresh fruits and vegetables and they have a very meat heavy diet. Black lemon enhances the cleansing and antioxidant effect of this blend and is historically considered to be a quenching catalyst thought to balance hydration. Black lemon has been studied for its high levels of Vitamins C and D.

Together, the ingredients create a flavorful, balanced, and brightly spiced blend.

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Tasting Notes

Warming, comforting, spiced, bright


Organic burdock root, organic black lemon, organic maqui berries, organic lemon, organic cinnamon, red shiso, organic Siam Queen basil


Leaf Amount
1 Tbsp | 6g
Water Amount
8-10oz | 350mL
Water Temperature
200°F | 93°C
Steep Time
5 minutes


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