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Butterfly Pea Flower Lime Lemongrass Powder

Butterfly Pea Flower Lime Lemongrass Powder

Caffeine-Free Botanical Powder

One Pound

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USDA Organic


Butterfly Pea Flowers have high concentrations of anthocyanin, a beneficial antioxidant with a beautiful blue-purple pigment. The flowers have a nootropic effect and may support mental clarity and focus. Lime and Lemongrass add bright citrusy notes and acidity that balances the cooling herbaceous flavor of Butterfly Pea Flower.

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Northern Thailand


Organic butterfly pea flower extract powder, organic lime juice extract powder, organic lemongrass extract powder, organic tapioca syrup


Leaf Amount
1 Tbsp | 10 g
Water Amount
8-12 oz | 250mL
Water Temperature
Warm Water
Steep Time
Add directly to application to be shaken or blended or stir into 1-2 ounces warm water to make a concentrate


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