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Black Limón

Organic Cold Brew Sachets

15-ct Bag

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Bright and citrusy with a malty, graham cracker finish, Black Limón is our creative spin on the classic pairing of black tea and lemon. We combine our direct trade, heirloom variety black tea from the remote mountain forests of northern Thailand with zesty black lemons fermented in the jungles of central Guatemala. Black Limón is the perfect pick-me-up that quenches and refreshes the palate.


Rishi Herb Lab

Tasting Notes

Bright and citrusy with a malty, graham cracker finish.


Organic black lim—n, organic black tea


Leaf Amount
1 Sachet
Water Amount
32oz | 1000mL
Water Temperature
Steep Time
2 min / 4 hours

Traditional Preparation

Add 1 sachet to a 1000 ml Simple Brew teapot.
Add 150 ml boiling water. Steep 2 minutes.
Fill with 850 ml cold water. Steep 4 hours in fridge.

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