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Bao Zhong Premium Spring Selection

Bao Zhong Premium Spring Selection

Garden Direct Oolong Tea


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Harvest Date: April 10-18, 2020
Elevation: 700m
Cultivar: Qingxin and Si Ji Chun

Bao Zhong is a famous, naturally floral and lightly oxidized oolong tea from Taiwan with a signature twist-strip shape. Bao Zhong translates to "wrapped type" and indeed was originally a trade name used to describe any style of tea from Fujian or Taiwan that was wrapped by hand in paper sheets and sold by 150g net weight, a common practice in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

It wasn't until 1921 that the Bao Zhong we know today was created, when two tea masters in northeast Taiwan's Pinglin County developed a method of withering and processing very floral and lightly oxidized tea without the use of flowers like jasmine or magnolias. Today, this style is produced in many prime areas of Taiwan's central highlands including Mingjian Village, where this tea was grown.

This spring micro-lot of Bao Zhong has bright energy with expressive lilac and gardenia floral aromas and low tannin, perfect for both gongfu cha and cold brew.


Mingjian Village, Taiwan

Tasting Notes

Lilac, stargazer lily, long-lasting flowery aroma, light and sweet aftertaste with bright energy and low tannin


Organic Oolong Tea

Traditional Preparation

Add 6g tea leaves to a Gaiwan or Gongfu Teapot (per 150ml).
Use 185°F water
Infuse for 45 seconds and decant.
2nd infusion: 1 minute
3rd infusion: 30 seconds
4+: add 15 seconds per infusion

Cold Brew

10 grams per liter in the refrigerator for 9-12 hours or overnight, using cold water to start.

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