Shu Pu'er Tea Brick <br> Lincang | Vintage 2012

Shu Pu'er Tea Brick
Lincang | Vintage 2012Garden Direct Organic Pu'er Tea

100g brick

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USDA Organic


Elevation: 1,800m
Cultivar: Mengku Broad Leaf
Harvest Date: Spring-Summer 2012

There are two types of Pu'er tea: Sheng (raw, green) and Shu (ripe, dark). Both originate from a rustic sun-dried green tea called Shaiqing. Shu Pu'er is made by pile-fermenting Shaiqing teas over a period of 85-120 days. This 2012 vintage shu is made from Shaiqing Maocha (sun-dried green tea) grown in the Lincang region of western Yunnan. There is a rustic charm about this Zhuan Cha or "brick tea," one of the traditional shapes of compressed pu'er that was traded to areas like Tibet, Mongolia, and Shaanxi.

Like fine wine, Pu'er tea has the ability to be aged and released in vintages. Young Shu Pu'er teas (2-3 years) typically have an assertive body and bold strength. The body and mouthfeel become richer and more integrated as the Shu Pu'er continues to age from 4-8 years.


Yunnan, China

Tasting Notes

With notes of bittersweet chocolate, shiitake mushroom, and blackstrap molasses this tea brick is a bit more assertive than our 2009 vintage tea cake.


Organic Pu'er tea.

Traditional Preparation

Recommended Brewing Vessel: Gaiwan or Clay Teapot
Fill Teapot with an 8-10g piece of tea cake.
Briefly rinse leaves with hot water. Discard water. Rinse once more. Discard again.
Slowly fill teapot with water 200°F Infuse for 30 seconds
Multiple Infusions: 2nd 1 minute | 3+ add 30 seconds per infusion