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Abundance Sharing Pitcher

Ju Ware Celadon Sharing Pitcher


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The Abundance Sharing Pitcher is crafted by the artisans at Lin's Ceramics Studio in Taiwan. This beautiful celadon decanter is a petite size, making it perfect for practicing Gongfu Cha style tea service. The Chinese term Gongfu is difficult to translate, but alludes to the art of doing something with intention, deep focus, and skill. Gongfu Cha tea service involves using a gaiwan or a small porcelain or clay teapot to infuse loose leaf teas. Celadon has relatively high heat conductivity, meaning that the teapot will rather quickly relay thermal energy from the water inside. This makes celadon a natural choice for teas that require a lower brewing temperature, such as green and white teas.

Learn more about Gongfu Cha tea service by watching our Gaiwan Brewing Video under the Brewing Guidelines tab

Pairs well with:
Prosperity Teapot
Lightly oxidized oolong tea
Green tea
White tea

About the Artist:
Lin's is a famous teaware and pottery producer in Taiwan. They are celebrated in the tea community for making teawares from natural materials that are aesthetically pleasing while honoring traditional style and function.

5.41 ounces

3.81 x 2.67 x 2.24 inches



Traditional Preparation

Guywan Brewing from Rishi Tea on YouTube.


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