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Phoenix Dancong
Shui Xian Garden Direct Oolong Tea


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Cultivar: Shui Xian "Narcissus"
Elevation: 800-1000m
Harvest: April 2018

Phoenix Dancong is a special style of oolong tea produced in Fenghuang "Phoenix" Mountain, a coastal region celebrated for its mineral-rich soils, foggy climate and rocky landscape. Phoenix Mountain produces teas of extraordinary patience and aromatic complexity. Mists and fog cloak the gardens throughout the year, with lichens and mosses growing all over the rocks and tree trunks. Many of the gardens are planted with old tea trees or new clones grafted onto ancient roots. Our Dancong Shui Xian epitomizes this practice.


Wudong Shan, Guangdong, China

Tasting Notes

Moderately roasted revealing a stunning depth of flavor, it opens with fresh honeysuckle, iris and orchids and transitioning into notes of marzipan and almond. This complex tea has a deep tannic structure and elegant bitterness that provides a refreshing finish reminiscent of mineral springs.


Oolong Tea


Leaf Amount
7 grams | 1 tbsp
Water Amount
8 ounces
Water Temperature
Steep Time
20 seconds

Traditional Preparation

Add 1 tbsp (7g) tea per 8 ounces water into a small gaiwan or teapot.
Use 200°F water
Briefly rinse leaves. Decant and discard this infusion.
Add water and infuse for 20 seconds.
Repeat for a second infusion. Increase the steeping time to 30 seconds. Repeat for another 3+ infusions. Increase the steeping time by 15 seconds with each additional infusion.

Gaiwan Brewing from Rishi Tea on YouTube.