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Mystic Mint

Mystic Mint

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Sachets

35ct. Bag

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USDA Organic


This deeply soothing mint blend combines a simple set of ingredients, honoring their inherent complexity for an uplifting cup that refreshes both mind and palate. Bright peppermint and fragrant cardamom are balanced with sweet licorice root and wondrously aromatic notes of basil and clove.

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Rishi Herb Lab

Tasting Notes

Soothing peppermint with a naturally sweet finish from licorice root combined with sweet enlivening basil


Organic peppermint, organic cardamom, organic licorice root, essential basil and clove leaf oils


Leaf Amount
1 sachet
Water Amount
12-16oz | 350-475ml
Water Temperature
200°F | 93°C
Steep Time
5 minutes


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