Ming Cha TeapotGlass Teapot with Wooden Handle

Ming Cha Teapot
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The elegant Ming Cha Teapot is perfect for brewing Chinese white, green, and yellow teas. The simple glass design is effective for straining those types of full-leaf teas, while maintaining a natural taste and allowing their rich flavor components like Bai Hao (downy trichomes) to flow through. The result is a pure and sublimely rich infusion.

The term Ming Cha (literally "famous teas") refers to a set of ten historically significant teas from the Chinese tradition, including renowned classics such as Fuding Silver Needles, Dragon Well, Bi Luo Chun Green Snail Spring, Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea, and more. From the Ming dynasty, the best of these teas were dispatched to the Imperial Court as a form of tribute and to show allegiance to the Emperor.

Pairs well with:
We sourced this teapot specifically to pair with our collection of Garden Direct seasonal teas from China. Fuding Silver Needles , Dragon Well, Green Needles , Huo Shan Huang Ya and White Peony King are some of our favorites to serve in the Ming Cha Teapot.

Hand washing recommended. Do not microwave.

Dimensions with handle:
6 x 3 x 3 inches