Cold Brew

Enjoy a respite from the midsummer heat with a refreshing Cold Brew tea. Unlike Iced Tea, which is brewed hot and chilled over ice, Cold Brew tea is as simple as tea can get; it's just pure loose leaf tea brewed slowly in cold water. The Cold Brew method works especially well for Japanese Green teas, Oolong tea, and Rooibos blends, highlighting their refreshing natural sweetness, distinctive aromas and smooth mouthfeel. You can check out a few of our favorite Cold Brew teas of Summer 2012 on our Staff Favorites page.

How to Make Cold Brew Tea
We use our glass Simple Brew™ Iced Tea Teapot to make Cold Brew tea. Add 2-3 tablespoons of your favorite tea to the Simple Brew™ and fill with cold water. Place the tea into the refrigerator to infuse slowly and keep cool. Japanese Green teas will be ready in 4-6 hours; Oolongs and Rooibos will be ready in 8-10 hours. Give the Simple Brew™ a swirl when the tea is ready to draw out its full flavor. Enjoy! Cold Brew tastes best straight up without ice.

Cold Brew Instruction

How does it work?
The Cold Brew technique highlights tea's sweet flavors while downplaying bitterness and astringency. The key is that catechins (tea tannins that have astringency, like a dry wine) and caffeine (which has a bitter taste) are more easily extracted at higher water temperatures. Cold water selectively draws out tea's flavor and aroma without extracting these astringent and bitter components. Try your favorite tea brewed both hot and cold side-by-side and taste the difference.

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