About Us

Direct Trade

Direct Trade

We are a Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources. Our Direct Trade is founded upon long-standing, personal relationships with growers who cultivate ecologically sustainable gardens in remote locations around the world.

Our buying team travels extensively, working with farmers and producers to taste and select micro-lots grown exclusively for us. We thrive on the intensive, hands-on nature of our sourcing.

Direct Trade also serves as the foundation of our quality control and social responsibility practices, allowing us to verify how our teas are grown and to offer complete traceability on each lot back to its source.

Organic Agriculture

Organic Certified

We believe that organic certified teas and herbs, grown without the use of agrichemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, are generally healthier for the environment, farmers, and tea drinkers alike. Over 95% of the ingredients that we import are certified organic according to the USDA NOP standard. We have even helped several producers convert from conventional to organic.

We do source certain teas and rarefied herbs like Kyoto matcha and Afghani saffron from special growing regions where organic certification is beyond the scope of local smallholder producers. In these cases, we evaluate and verify that the teas are safe to consume. There is no Rishi tea that we would not drink ourselves.

No Leaf Unturned

Culinary Inspiration

Tea was originally a food and medicine long before it became a steeped beverage. It is only natural that our tea practice draws inspiration from numerous disciplines, including third wave coffee; cocktail mixology; sommeliers’ oenology; botanical apothecary; and the traditional culinary arts from global food cultures.

Our herb teas and botanical blends have roots in these practices, and at the same time reflect our own creative ideas and freethinking style. This is our approach to research and innovation.

rishi•i /’riSHē/ noun

Sanskrit: Rishi Sanskrit  One who is a seer, sage or seeker of truth.