White Tea Sample Set

White Tea Sample Set


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Our White Tea Sample Set is a lesson in simplicity. Delicate and balanced, this flight highlights tea in perhaps its simplest, most noble form.

White teas are the least processed of all tea types; they are neither fired nor rolled. Premier white teas are produced in the early springtime from March through April, and are distinguished by the "plucking standard" used in their harvest. Silver Needle Jasmine is comprised of tender, spring-harvested tea buds with a sweetness that perfectly complements the enchanting floral aroma of jasmine. White Peony is a traditional white tea harvested according to the "two leaves and a bud" plucking standard, giving it a soft, almost peach-like character. White Tea Rose Mélange enhances the inherently soft and delicate flavor of white tea with incredibly fresh and aromatic organic rose blossoms.

Sample Set includes:

Silver Needle Jasmine- 1oz
White Peony- 1oz
White Tea Rose Mélange- 1oz

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