Shin Tsuki

Shin Tsuki

Ceramic Teapot

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Inspired by master Tokoname artist Yamadera-san, this light teapot made of natural clay glaze can be used to brew any tea. The Obi Ami (stainless steel mesh screen) covers the inside wall of the teapot, filtering out very small tea leaves and herb particles, while the teapot's specially molded spout allows for easy pouring. This new iteration of our former Tsuki teapot (meaning "Moon" in Japanese) is lovingly called our Shin Tsuki ("New Moon" in Japanese).

Height: 2.63" (not including lid)
Diameter: 3.44"
Volume: Aprox.280ml
The Tsuki teapot originates in the renowned kilns of Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

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