Pu-erh Tea Sample Set

Pu-erh Tea Sample Set

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  • Pu-erh Tea Sample Set
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Pu-erh tea has an ancient history spanning thousands of years in Yunnan Province of southwestern China, the birthplace of tea. It is a form of specially fermented tea made from a sun-dried green tea called "saiqing mao cha." Like Champagne or other regionally specific foods and beverages, Pu-erh is a geographically indicated (GI) product; it can only be produced and fermented in Southern Yunnan with sun-dried green tea from select tea cultivars found in Yunnan, Laos, Burma and some areas of Thailand and Vietnam. Pu-erh is becoming popular throughout the world as a health and wellness tea, and in Southeast Asia it is often consumed after a rich meal as a digestif. This Pu-erh Tea Sample Set presents Pu-erh tea in its traditional compressed form (Tuo Cha), in its loose form (Classic), and in two blends inspired by Yunnan culinary traditions (Bordeaux, Ginger).

Sample Set includes:

Ancient Pu-erh Tuo Cha- 1oz
Ancient Pu-erh Classic- 1oz
Pu-erh Bordeaux- 1oz
Pu-erh Ginger- 1oz

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