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Porcelain Tea Cupping Set

Porcelain Tea Cupping Set

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Run your own professional tea tastings with the Rishi Tea Cupping Set.

Professional tea tasting, or "cupping," is an essential practice common throughout the tea trade for evaluating the sensory characteristics of tea, including aroma, flavor and infusion color. Comparing teas side-by-side in multiple Cupping Sets offers consistency, ensuring that tea tasters can fairly evaluate and compare tea samples. The lidded cup is designed to capture the aromas of tea and offer a dense snapshot of the tea's aromatic profile. The bowl, made of clear white porcelain, highlights the true infusion colors of tea.

In the Rishi Tea Cupping Room, we practice two standards of evaluating tea with the Cupping Set:

The "International Standard" method is to measure three grams of tea into each set, and brew for exactly five minutes with boiling water.

The "4g Variation" method is used to evaluate oolong teas and pure bud teas such as Silver Needle and Yellow Buds. Use four grams of tea and brew for exactly five minutes with boiling water. The extra gram gives us a fuller aromatic expression of the oolongs and a richer body to evaluate on the bud teas.

Make sure you pick up a Rishi Tea Tasting Spoon to go with your Cupping Sets.

Cup (with lid):
Height: 9.0cm
Diameter: 9.4cm
Volume: 150ml

Height: 5.2cm
Diameter: 9.3cm
Volume: 225ml
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