Oolong Tea Sample Set

Oolong Tea Sample Set

  • Oolong Tea Sample Set
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Oolong tea artisans, like boutique winemakers, aim to bring forth the traditional and unique appellation characters of their teas through centuries-old crafting and roasting techniques. Each Oolong tea has a distinctive style that reflects its origin, vintage and tea bush cultivar. Oolongs offer diverse tastes ranging from ethereal, floral and fresh to ripe, roasted, and savory-sweet honey-like flavors. This Oolong Tea Sample Set presents two Taiwanese oolongs, one Chinese oolong and one Taiwanese oolong blend, all expressing distinct tastes with varying degrees of natural tea leaf oxidation and roasting.

Sample Set includes:

Iron Goddess of Mercy- 50g
Wuyi Oolong- 1oz
Jade Oolong- 1oz
Bao Zhong- 1oz

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