Matcha Sifter

Matcha Sifter

Stainless Steel Japanese Furui

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This beautifully-crafted stainless steel Matcha Sifter is an essential element of your matcha kit, whether you regularly practice traditional chanoyu or simply enjoy your uplifting daily bowl of matcha. Sifting matcha is very important as it breaks up clumps that form naturally through environmental electrostatic and ensures that matcha will whisk up into a smooth, creamy tasting bowl with a rich foam.

Known as a furui in Japanese, this Matcha Sifter makes sifting matcha an elegant addition to your matcha ritual, whether you are serving matcha to several guests or preparing just one bowl. Here's how it works:

-Open the Sifter and remove all of the pieces.
-Measure your matcha, using a chashaku if you wish. If preparing more than one bowl, measure matcha for all of the servings and sift together just once. The Sifter comes with a small measuring cup that measures 3.4g matcha when full (ideal for koicha) and 1.7g when half full (ideal for usucha).
-Gently sift using the bamboo paddle.
-Use the funnel and funnel rest if transferring matcha from the Sifter to a traditional matcha storage vessel (chaki) such as a natsume or cha-ire. Or, simply transfer from the Sifter to your matcha bowl.
-After use, wipe clean using a dry cloth.

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