Matcha Starter Kit

Matcha Starter Kit
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The Matcha Starter Kit has everything you need to experience the uplifting energy and ritual enjoyment of matcha prepared the traditional way. This gift set features Organic Matcha Saemidori, our premier ceremonial grade made exclusively from Saemidori cultivar tencha that is stone-ground for the smoothest, creamiest mouthfeel. Saemidori is prized for having a lush umami flavor and no trace of bitterness. For that, it is a welcome introduction for those new to the vibrant world of matcha.
Our matte black Matcha Bowl showcases the bright green color of matcha with simple elegance.
The other essential utensils for preparing matcha include a stainless steel mesh Sifter, which neatly rests atop the matcha bowl during setup, as well as the traditional bamboo matcha whisk called a Chasen.
Refer to Brewing Guidelines for preparation instructions.

USA exclusive
Kit includes:
Organic Matcha Saemidori
Matcha Sifter
Matcha Bowl
Chasen (Bamboo Matcha Whisk)
All packaged as shown in Rishi Black Gift Box

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