Keemun Hao Ya Reserve Black Tea

Keemun Hao Ya Reserve Black Tea

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Region: Qimen County, Anhui
Cultivar: Zhu Ye Zhong
Elevation: 800m–1,000m

Keemun Hao Ya Reserve is a premier class black tea from the Huang Shan Mountain region of Qimen County in Anhui, China. Keemun black teas classically have a refined character, with an ultra-rich body, deep fruity notes and a subtle pine aromas. Keemun takes its name from the transliteration of "Qimen" county, and Hao Ya, a grade name, refers to the high proportion of sweet "downy sprouts." We like to think of Keemun Hao Ya Reserve as the Burgundy of Teas. Like a Burgundy wine, this tea is strongly tied to its terroir. The soil and climate in Anhui give this tea a very sweet, fruity character and its supple, smooth mouthfeel. It is lightly smoked over pine to provide a soft, fragrant aroma known as the Qimen Xiang, or "Keemun Aroma" to tea tasters.

Keemun Hao Ya Reserve is produced from the small-leaf Zhu Ye Zhong cultivar that until the nineteenth century was exclusively harvested to produce green and yellow teas. Whereas most black teas are made with medium-leaf varieties and large-leaf Assamica varieties harvested during summer and autumn, Keemun Hao Ya Reserve is harvested from late spring to early summer and is made according to the traditional hand processing of the tender tea leaves. Most Keemun teas are rapidly machine dried, resulting in a harsh burnt carbon note, but the traditional hand processing, slow charcoal baking, and drying processes for Keemun Hao Ya Reserve result in a milder, smoother and sweeter Keemun. By slowly drying the tea leaves, a caramelized sweetness and smooth pine aroma are encouraged to develop. This small batch of Keemun Hao Ya Reserve is the perfect example of the "Keemun Aroma" for tea tasters to train their palates; it is sure to be the very best Keemun of the year.

Tasting Notes: A reserve grade Keemun with a refined caramelized sweetness, a bright red infusion and a classic pine aroma

Ingredients: Black tea.

Anhui, China.
Water Temperature: 195°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1-2 tablespoons per 8 ounces
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

*Note: 2 tablespoons of tea can be steeped with shorter infusion times for 5-7 infusions.

Guywan Brewing from Rishi Tea on Vimeo.

We encourage you to experiment with the quantity of tea leaves and the length of the steep time to find your desired brew strength. Varying the water temperature isn't recommended, as water that is too hot will over-extract the bitter components of tea, while water that is too cool might not fully draw out the aromas and flavors of tea.
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By Lisa on July 16, 2013
Viola, AL United States
This is my favorite black tea of all time. I tried another Keemun once when Rishi was out and didn't like it at all. Now I only buy Rishi's Keemun.

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