Eastern Beauty
Oolong Tea

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Dong Fang Mei Ren is the local name for Eastern Beauty, a style of uniquely oxidized oolong tea developed in the 19th century in the low elevation microclimates of Northern Taiwan. This tea, from among the most cherished of lots made just 10 days a year in early June, has nuances of honey and pit fruit.

Tasting Notes: Succulent with vivid aromas of tropical flowers, orange blossom honey and pit fruits

Ingredients: Oolong tea.

Additional Info: Eastern Beauty is one of our most unique offerings in that the highest qualities will ripen over time. This tea will become richer and smoother in texture, and develop deeper stone fruit flavor as it ages. We recommend storing this tea in one of our Tea Storage Tins to enjoy it throughout the next 1–2 years.

Oolong tea artisans, like boutique winemakers, bring forth the appellation characters of their teas through traditional crafting techniques. Each oolong tea's distinctive style reflects its place of origin, vintage and tea bush cultivar.

Guywan Brewing Guidelines:
Water Temperature: 190°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: Fill 75% of a porcelain guywan with tea
Steep Times: 1st infusion 35 seconds, 2nd infusion 20 seconds, 3rd infusion 20 seconds, subsequent infusions about 2 minutes

Guywan Brewing from Rishi Tea on Vimeo.

Standard Brewing Guidelines:
Water Temperature: 195°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces
Steep Times: 2 minutes (1st infusion), 2 minutes (2nd infusion), 4 minutes (3rd infusion)

We encourage you to experiment with the quantity of tea leaves and the length of the steep time to find your desired brew strength. Varying the water temperature isn't recommended, as water that is too hot will over-extract the bitter components of tea, while water that is too cool might not fully draw out the aromas and flavors of tea.
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By James on March 19, 2013
NC United States
I've been drinking tea for a few years, even worked at a cafe that served as many as 70-75 different Rishi Tea varieties at a time.

I've probably tried over a hundred different varieties from Rishi alone and so it isn't too often I taste something totally unique.

The smell of the tea itself is kind of low key, you have soft notes of Oolong, so I wasn't sure what to expect besides maybe a lighter Oolong taste.

Mindblowing is kind of a adjective sort of thrown around a lot but this fits the description.. it's amazingly unique and something I've never had before.

It's got a slightly sweet, slightly spice flavor, it's really sort of difficult for me to put in words.. it's amazing and unlike any other tea I've had.

It's also very smooth, like any good oolong..

If you really want to try an amazingly unique tea, get this.. I'm sad I didn't order more.

Also, be sure to do many brews as possible. It was interesting the directions suggest three 20 second infusions and than 2 minute time.. I found the fourth to the best infusion of the group. Sadly I didn't get anymore because it was a tasting and we had to move on!

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By Jennifer F. on April 25, 2012
Jefferson City, MO United States
It would be nearly impossible to choose just one Rishi tea as my favorite, however this tea most certainly lands at the very top. It is honestly the smoothest oolong to ever hit my taste buds. Make sure that you don't prematurely toss those leaves. They are fit for MANY infusions. Yum!

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