Matcha Shihouno Mukashi Green Tea Powder

Matcha Shihouno Mukashi Green Tea Powder

Ceremonial Japanese

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What is Matcha?
Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea produced by stone-milling a shade-grown green tea called tencha into a fine powder. The quality of matcha greatly depends on the tea bush cultivar, shading technique and picking standard used to produce tencha. Matcha has a rich cultural tradition as the tea prepared and revered during chanoyu–the mindful, artistic, Zen-inspired Japanese Tea Ceremony. Matcha is unique among teas in that when we drink matcha, we consume fresh green tea leaf itself, ground and whisked up into an energizing, refreshing bowl. Today, matcha is enjoyed in both a popular form (as a sort of uplifting "tea espresso") as well as artistic form (through the continued practice of chanoyu). "Ceremonial" grades (for drinking) are distinct from "Culinary" grades (for matcha lattes, confections, desserts, etc).

Tasting Notes: Incredibly deep and sweet, with a delicious smooth character and big umami finish.

Ingredients: Stone-milled Japanese green tea powder.

Origin: Uji, Japan
Step 1: Sift 1 tsp (2g) into a matcha bowl
Step 2: Add 2.5 oz (70ml) water at 170°F
Step 3: Use a chasen to whisk until foamy
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